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Encounter with Nana during AFA

What happened when nana came over to Singapore for AFA 2013!!!

Nana Mizuki 連合軍 SG

This post will be my personal experience, and of course, other admins can edit and add in theirs as well.

Sorry, there will be minimal pictures in this LONG post since no photography and videography were allowed.

Disclaimer: ALL photos with nana are not mine.
(C)AFA 13/hajime kamiisaka/
Nanaparty blog
FB page (airport)
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Robert Foo (group photo)

It will be a long post so if you want to read, please go ahead ww

so glad that she got to take a picture with merlion and became naalion (*´艸`*)
She probably went on Sunday afternoon….

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i’m lovin’ this cover so much that it is my desktop wallpaper now . . . and will be for a very very long time XD

Nana Mizuki 連合軍 SG



Seems like a mic modeled after a sword (looks like a hilt to me) in relation to Symphogear G and Tsubasa? :3
^Doesn’t seem like it now that high res is out….
That dress/whatever she is wearing reminds me of CC from Code Geass though….

Was contemplating should I skip this single like I always did with singles but after DAT COVER…. OF COURSE I’M BUYING IT

Get it here~!

Also, Nana’s website has updated their flash images/profile pic~!

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Nana Nendoroid

i want this . . . badly!!!

Nana Mizuki 連合軍 SG

So previous post I mentioned this post is coming up next, but after posting that post my class started so finally I’m getting around to posting it….

And it’s only sold in Live Circus for 4900 Yen…. T^T

Joining Nana Nendoroid we also have Yukarin Nendoroid~ Also sold in her concert at 4900 Yen. orz

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at PM 10.39.44

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at PM 10.39.51

Well if you manage to get them, you can put their head on Fate and Nanoha Nendroid’s heads respectively for seiyuu-character cosplay Nendoroids. (Of course, I ripped this idea from somewhere and I don’t know where is the source. >///<)

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the most awesome combi ever!!! T.M.R. and Mizuki Nana ❤ ~

Nana Mizuki 連合軍 SG

The first episode of VALVRAVE The liberator anime was aired last night in japan. And of course, coming along with it, it is the TV size of Preserved Roses that we have been waiting for so long!!!

Without further ado,

HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW IS IT????!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Personal Thoughts (Note: doesnt stand for the whole writers team) :

TMRxNana combo is really awesome. Both of them are powerful singers. Normally one would think that they might start to overpower each other but no. 😀 That isnt the case here. From this TV size, even when both of them are singing together, I am still able to hear their voices which compliments each other. I like those overlapping parts the both of them have, its like catching the energy ball and throwing to and fro to each other and it never drops. And THE…

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Cover for Live Grace -Opus II- x Union

the cover for Live grace – opus II – X union dvd n blu ray is just so damn awesome, totally love her pirate costume also ❤

Nana Mizuki 連合軍 SG

The cover for Live Grace -Opus II- x Union is out on Nana’s website! As usual, eye cancer sized. I zoomed in a little before I snapshot so it’s slightly blurry but still negligible if viewed on our page so XD  Bigger sized pictures found~

BD*(updated with bigger size):

DVD*(updated with bigger size):

(Actually I really did had a nosebleed yesterday. It’s too hot here in Singapore now… ~35degs? And I just came back from a ~15deg or lower place after staying there for 2 weeks. uwahhhh ~20degs difference and you’ll get nose blood people)

Personally liking the DVD version more, which is also what I ordered since I have no BD player =X
Oh and I noticed BD’s cover is wider? Some people have been saying recently DVD’s covers are nicer than BD’s. I only buy DVD…

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Lack of Updates

It has been a very long time since I last updated this blog . . . mainly due to the fact that I was swamped with a whole bunch of games to play, lots of shows and anime to watch . . . and also because I was kinda lazy =P


But now that my laptop is out of commission, the things that I could do during my free time got cut down by alot . . . and so I’ve found time to write up this post.


First of all I would like to do a few quick reviews of some of the games that have been keeping me busy over the past few months.

Over the course of 2 months (or maybe 3?), I have played DmC: Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Rising: Revengence, Atelier Ayesha, and I am still slowly trying to complete Mugen Souls XD Let’s just briefly do a review on what i felt was good and bad about the games.


DmC, as I have mentioned before, is a reboot for the series. Capcom and Ninja Theory came together to try and bring in new ideas to the series and I would like to believe that they were successful.

Most fans would talk trash about how Dante’s back story has been drastically changed, how his mother was supposed to be a human and he shouldn’t have any angel powers. But once you come to terms with it and accept this game as the start, a new beginning for the DmC series, you would find that the game has many redeeming points.

In fact, I would say that Ninja Theory did a good job at trying to stay as close as they can to the core of the series itself, which is the stylish beat ’em up gameplay. The core mechanics of the game is still there, the stylish combos, style point system, gems, weapon power-ups. The only change they made to the battle mechanics was the ability to trigger on and off Dante’s angel and demon powers during the battle.

The bad part of the game, from what I feel, is the fact that fighting the enemies felt like a tedious chore, this is especially true during the later missions. The enemies are easy to fight, but takes a very long time to kill. After many fights, you will find yourself using the same combo over and over again unconsciously as there isn’t any merit in using a mix of different combos when the one you are using is the most efficient.

Overall I felt that DmC was a good game, considering the fact that it was outsourced to another company, definitely worth the time to play if you like action games.

Next up, Metal Gear Rising: Revengence. As many people know, the Metal Gear series is one that is most well know for their stealth gameplay. However, MGR was Konami’s brave attempt at making an action game out of the series, and they sure chose the right person to be the main character. I mean, I seriously can’t imagine Snake being the main character in an action game . . .

Yet another game that has been outsourced, and I must say that this is yet another successful partnership between big game companies. Konami and Platinum Games made this a god damn awesome game.

The good thing about the game, is that the battles are not as restrictive as how normal action games usually are. If you want to, you can choose to play like a ninja and slowly make your way through an entire stage without causing any big ruckus. The boss battles were awesome and challenging, there were many funny moments, and you still get to distract the enemy guards by throwing them some holographic model to distract them (and to think that Snake had to use porno magazines . . . technology sure came a long way).

The bad part of the game would be the awkwardness of using the joystick to aim your direction of slice during Raiden’s zandatsu mode. It was hard to control the angle for the slice, and the overall feel felt weird. But this would be the only downfall of the game in my opinion.

Overall, Metal Gear Rising: Revengence is a great game, totally worth the time, and have a decent replay value to it.

The last one that I’m gonna review is Atelier Ayesha. If you have been reading this blog for quite some time (or you know me personally), you will notice that I am a loyal fan of Gust Co. so do note that my reviews on their games (especially the atelier series) is going to be kinda bias =P

The game itself is kinda like your typical atelier game, a young alchemist in the making trying to reach a goal within a certain time limit. However, this time round, even though they gave a clear goal that our protagonist, Ayesha, had to reach (which was to save her sister through alchemy), there weren’t any spoon feeding and the players have to explore the land to figure out how to achieve the goal through interaction with other people and places. It was kinda nice to see them doing this as truthfully speaking, I was getting kinda fed up with how games nowadays all tend to hold onto your hand and walk you through from point A to B while giving you suggestions on how to best kill your enemy.

The art and story for Atelier Ayesha was nice and character interaction was funny and nice to watch. I especially like this character called Linca(and for some reason, she is totally my type . . . so much so that I even fear that hidari-sensei took a peak into my dreams LOL) . She is kinda lacking in common sense, and that results in me laughing almost every single time she does something stupid. Her skills as a swordsman is very good and I really love her special attack.

Note. She’s the second one to be shown.

Overall, for Atelier Ayesha, I would suggest that only people who love JRPGS should play this game as it is mainly targeted for JRPG players. Of course, the main objective of this blog IS to promote the love of JRPGs so I still do hope that everyone would give the Atelier series a try =3

Now that I’m done with my reviews, it’s time to have a look at what games are worth my time to keep track of.

First up, Tales of Xillia’s english localization is confirmed to be released on August 6th. Still quite a long time away, but at least now we have a confirmed date i guess.

Next is Atelier Escha and Logy, not much info has been released for this game yet. The only thing that is for certain is that this time there will be two main protagonists, which also means 2 different story line, and the players can choose which one they want to use. When there are more info for the game I might do a proper review for it but for now, those who are interested can read more about the game here.

 And then, there’s Thief 4. Finally after so long, this good old series is going to get a new game. Not much info has been released yet. But here is a trailer that was shown.

And there are a few other JRPGs that I have my eyes on, but because they will most probably never be localized . . . I will not talk about them here(*sigh* the Shining series is one fine example).


~Eternal Blaze Generation~

Because this is news I cannot not be excited about…

 photo mizukinanaxtmrev.jpg

Yes, for those who haven’t already heard, Mizuki Nana and T.M. Revolution are going to perform “Preserved Roses” together — the opening theme for “Valvrave the Liberator” (official Japansese name translation is more closely translated as Revolution Machine Valvrave).

Below, I’ve translated the messages both Nana and Nishikawa Takanori left on the official home page as well as Nana’s blog post regarding this announcement.

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